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Met Amy looking for information on an investment property.

In an hour she shared more with me than my previous broker and I learned more about buying property at auction than I'd learned anywhere. Within 48 hours of meeting her I had moved my license to her brokerage and hired her as a coach for my brother and I. The result? In the first year we flipped 9 homes and perfected our listing sale system.

REALTOR® & INVESTOR Jay Caldwell Blubird Capital

Stepping into the 6th year of real estate investment in Atlanta, I know I am ready to take a big leap in 2020.

Surrounding my mind and actions with all of these successful real estate investors / mentors / gurus, learn what they do, do what they teach and share. Always keep an open mind and implement with actions to make steady progress. I am especially grateful to have #AmyRansdell as my amazing coach, she is super talented and inspirational. I made the right choice to be part of the #Powerhouse #AtlantaREIA circle of communities where everyone gives support to each other and offer helping tips to each other.


As a fellow real estate investor, Amy did an awesome job of selling our house "as is" to another real estate investor doing residential rehab project work in the Indian Hills subdivision of Marietta, GA.

Her innovative strategy and hard work resulted in an "All Cash Offer" that closed in about one week, after we considered multiple offers that were over our original list price. The bottom line is that this approach helped us complete our move from the Atlanta metro area in a matter of weeks, instead of months, with more money in the bank. We strongly recommend that you team with Amy on acquiring or selling investment properties in the highly desirable East Cobb County area. Once this rehab project is completed in about 3-4 months by the real estate investor that bought this property, it will be a great home to purchase to be located in the outstanding Walton High School district. This was a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity for the seller, the buyer and the real estate agents involved. Amy did an awesome job "crushing it" on this deal !

CLIENT Walt McGill

Getting the opportunity to hang my license with Amy was like a Jedi getting to train with Yoda!

She provides a wealth of experience and savvy unparalleled in the field of real estate investing, and it’s an honor to be a part of her team at Southeastern. Not only is she a great mentor to her team, she’s her clients’ ace in the hole, a master negotiator and a dogged advocate for all who call upon her. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy Ransdell to anyone looking to make heads or tails of this complex real estate environment. She’s awesome!"


Amy has great knowledge of real estate on all different levels.

She gave us great advice on our last listing that ultimately helped bring us the buyer! Lots of great things to say about this team.


There is no brokerage quite as cutting-edge as Powerhouse.

Some brokerages rely on tech. Others focus on education. But as far as I know, only Powerhouse marries both to the power of the investment community. It has been amazing getting in on the ground floor in a brokerage with such massive upside potential. If you’re a buyer, Powerhouse has access to dozens of homes that haven’t hit the market yet. If you’re a seller, Powerhouse can connect you with buyers who will close fast. If you’re an investor, Powerhouse connects you to the sharpest acquisitions people in the metro area. And if you just want to learn more about the real estate investment world, Powerhouse provides amazing educational opportunities that will deliver results.


I have been attending Amy’s closed team meetings by invitation from Amy.

I was drawn to her professionalism, reputation and experience to create a partnership with her and her diverse team of real estate professionals. In my introductory meeting with Amy, she provided extensive personal direction for me in the growth of my own business. After asking to provide me with a professional critique, and I excitedly agreeing, she highlighted my strengths as she saw them, which reinforced my own confidence and then provided constructive criticisms regarding areas I could improve. I took her critique to heart and implemented her ideas and confirmed my dialogue regarding those areas which centered around me soliciting private investors to invest cash in my company. Since that meeting, I have now secured almost $500,000 in investment capital to work within my real estate business. And am seeking more as my current investors enjoy double-digit returns on their capital in secured positions. Imagine what she could have done for me if I was one of her clients. This is what she can do for others and has done for many. I highly recommend Amy for coaching, mentorship and other areas of personal and professional growth. She is a lady of many talents and is highly respected and regarded in her fields of expertise.

INVESTOR Carson Olinger

Thankful for my Powerhouse team and Broker that literally took me from Zero to Hero in the last year.


REALTOR® & President of NAHREP Atlanta Selena Williams

Having worked with Amy for a number of years, I can tell you that as an investor, a broker and as a coach, you will not find many people as uniquely qualified as her to solve real estate challenges.

With the ability to see deals from multiple angles well above and beyond the average real estate professional, you will gain perspectives you didn't even knew existed on your properties as opposed to the tired answers you get from most of the population. Creative, purposeful and determined, Amy is the kind of person you want on your team to get the job done. Extremely highly recommended that you work with her now.

INVESTOR Frank Iglesias

Thank You Amy Ransdell for your awesome coaching!

Every little bit counts and I appreciate every directive and every constructive criticism. #grateful #collectiverise #creativemindset

REALTOR® Marcelle Thomas - Johnson

I have known Grant’s vision for years.

His vision for this city is ambitious, methodical, and goal oriented. As a tree nerd, Grant has an approach towards long term sustainability in changing the tree coverage in Atlanta; and it is a nice relief. While not always a main focus for investors, Grant’s open approach towards trees is towards moving the needle. Dude is willing to listen.. His specialty is finding people. Simple. People who get results. He doesn’t disappoint.

Josh B

Grant was really helpful, he found us the perfect rental home, which wasn’t going to be easy as we needed short term and have 3 dogs.

Super easy to work with, I highly recommend him.

Paula W

Amy is a superstar Marketing genius.

Amy was recommended by another successful Investor/Broker to help me along this journey in building my own personal economy within the world of Real Estate investing. With a few tips she has shared with me thus far, I have gained confidence in the system of Direct Marketing for finding Real Estate Investment deals as well as gained personal confidence. It's not easy to step out on faith to reinvent one's self (as I am in the midst of doing) in starting my Real Estate redevelopment company last year; people like Amy have made the process less intimidating. In my short time of getting to know Amy, what I have learned is that she knows the industry well as a Realtor/Broker/Mentor because of the deep understanding of Real Estate investor needs and wants. I can see why folks seek out Amy for Mentorship / Teaching.

Craig Dixon


!! Two more rental properties under contract!! I beat the 1% rule by a full point on the rent!! Waiting to hear on #3! Can't wait to bring in more passive income. Thanks for the awesome coaching Amy Ransdell!

INVESTORS Greg May & Dianna Kaga

Amy Randell gets my highest recommendation as a broker, an executive coach, and a mentor.

She is a powerhouse of knowledge, and her experience in the real estate industry is unparalleled. I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with Amy early on in my professional journey as a new sales agent. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, explain, and navigate through the waters of complex business relationships, how to think of new and unique negotiation strategies, and how to effectively market your business, has helped reframe my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. She has always provided me with great insight, personal examples of how to implement changes, and generally has kept me on track by regularly guiding me back to focus on the path to success. Amy is truly one of the top contributors to the knowledge I take with me today as I continue to build my career in Real Estate Sales and working with investors. Lastly, as much as I can say about her professionally, her business knowledge and experience, and her coaching and mentoring abilities -- she is also a very caring, passionate, and real person. She loves what she does, and she loves helping others reach their goals and succeed at what they want to do in life. And that, my friends, is rare to find in this industry.

REALTOR® Kelly King

Grant was great to work with!

He is very professional and is a successful negotiator. He helped me find the right property that aligned my budget quickly. He helped me negotiate the price and now I am renovating my new home! If you want a Realtor who you can rely on and trust to help you through the buying process, go with Grant.

Griffin R

Grant was very professional and knowledgeable when he helped us sell our home.

We worked with two other agents and our house sat on the market for almost 2 years before we listed with Grant at Powerhouse Real Estate. Grant got our home sold quickly with multiple offers above asking price! If you are ready to sell your home, look no further.

Jessica W

Working with Amy just a few weeks and I've already bought my first investment property last Friday and working through a JV deal with an owner of another!

INVESTOR Mark Oliverio

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